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About Me
Always having had an interest in health and wellbeing, I enjoy working within health promotion and encouraging the reduction in ill health by pro-active, preventative initiatives, the implementation of which is vital after injury and illness, and is instrumental in delaying the onset and/or management of degenerative diseases, including auto- immune disease.

I provide individual health, fitness and exercise programmes for clients, and I also teach and instruct group exercise sessions.

These come under the following categories:
  • Exercise for people who would like to improve their stability, mobility and flexibility alongside maintaining their cardio vascular fitness.
  • Exercise for those people who have a fear of falling, lack of mobility or who have fallen, and need improve strength and stability.
  • People who have experienced a cardiac health problem and need assistance in returning to improved health and fitness. This is inclusive of patients requiring specific Phase IV exercise instruction after a cardiac event or surgery.
I very much in enjoy my work and gain great satisfaction from helping to improve the health of the individual.

My own sporting activities include:
Swimming, competitive race walking, squash, badminton, cycling and general walking.

My Leisure time activities include:
Playing tenor and baritone saxophone, listing to music, going to Blues / Jazz / Classical concerts, going to the theatre, cinema and reading