Elaine Garrett-Simpson

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Personal health assessments, cardiac fitness training and group ‘stability with movement’ exercise sessions
  • Sport’s Therapist
  • British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase IV instructor
  • Falls prevention (primary & secondary care)
  • Advanced Level 4 Fitness Instructor
  • Rehabilitation from surgical operations, illness and injury
  • Postural Stability instructor
  • Back Care Advisor
  • Health Promotion Specialist
  • Nutritionist
  • Body weight management and maintenance
Workplace Health and Wellbeing
A wealth of experience developing and implementing workplace health initiatives for both public and private sector businesses. A Healthy workplace and workforce is an absolute for any business, it is a natural resource where health information can be provided for employees. Helping employees to improve their health & wellbeing, making positive changes to adopt and maintain a healthy life balance is a vital tool in any successful business.